Virtual Desktops done right

Fully Managed & Supported Secure Windows 11 and Windows 10 virtual desktops, enabled for enterprise grade graphics processing, with Microsoft 365 Apps and services like Microsoft Office and your work applications and resources, all accessible on any device from anywhere.

SafariDesktops is a service of Safari Micro Inc 

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Access from Any Device. Anywhere*

Access from Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices via virtual desktop client or from any HTML5 capable internet browser.

*internet connection required

Better Security

Virtual Desktops reside in secure microsoft datacenters with no publically exposed endpoints. Virtual desktops sessions occur through reverse connect technology that does not require opening holes in your security for connection.

The Tools You Need

Equipped with Microsoft Office 365 applications, Email, Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. Can also be loaded with your own everyday work applications.


Safari Desktops

Safari Desktops is a fully managed, secure, professional virtual desktop service that takes the headache out of desktop virtualization solutions. Safari Desktops brings the power of the Microsoft Cloud and it’s Windows Virtual Desktop technology, enhances it with Microsoft’s cloud business productivity tools and services, supplies it with your company applications and resources, and combines it with Safari Micro’s Managed Services expertise to form the ultimate, no hassle, no confusion, managed Windows 10 virtual desktop service that can be accessed on any device from anywhere. No hidden fees, no out of control costs, just straight forward per user pricing. Add additional features as add-ons and take advantage of reduced bulk pricing for deployments of over 100 users.

SafariDesktops is a desktop as a service provided by Safari Micro Inc.
Safari Micro is an IT Solutions company that has operated for 20+ years. Safari Micro has a world class Managed Services team and is a Microsoft gold partner with a team of Microsoft certified solution experts.



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safariDesktops Packages

What We Offer

Power Desktops

With safariDesktops, at all levels (silver, gold, or platinum) users will recieve a “Power” sized virtual desktop that can handle more intensive workloads such as development or engineering as well as Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams, Etc) and database applications.

Need a desktop that can handle graphic intensive apps such as 3D CAD and Adobe Photoshop? Power+ Desktops sized for heavy graphics are available – contact us for pricing.


Choose between our 3 main offerings, a plain Silver level virtual desktop offering that provides access, and basic directory integration, a Gold level offering that provides additional security and features like the advanced protection of Defender Advanced Threat Protection and multifactor authentication, or our featured Platinum level that provides it all – management, support, security, and Microsoft’s suite of enterprise class tools and services.

Bulk pricing available at higher number of virtual desktop users. Please contact us for official pricing and customized feature packages.

More details and add-ons

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure (All plans)

  • Cloud Infrastructure (Included)

  • DaaS enabled Azure subscription

  • Azure uptime SLA: 99.5%

  • Shared storage: 1 TB HDD

  • Self-service admin portal

  • In-region backup

  • Site-to-site VPN

Microsoft Bundles

Azure AD Premium P1 (Gold & Platinum plans)

  • Unlimited Directory Objects
  • Identity management capabilities and device registration
  • Single Sign-On can be assigned to unlimited apps per user
  • B2B collaboration capabilities (allows you to assign guest users that exist outside of your business)
  • Self-service password change (cloud users)
  • Connect (syncs on-premise AD to Azure AD)
  • Advanced reports
  • Group-based access management and provisioning
  • Self-service password reset (cloud users)
  • Ability to brand logon pages
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Application proxy
  • Dynamic groups, group creation, group naming policy, usage guidelines, etc.
  • On-premise writeback for Self-service reset, change, and unlock
  • Two-way sync between on-premise and ADD
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Microsoft Identity Manager user CAL
  • Cloud App Discovery
  • Connect Health
  • Conditional Access based on health/location.
  • Automatic password rollover (for group accounts)
  • Ability to grant conditional access based on location, device state, and group
  • Integrations with 3rd party identity governance partners
  • ToU
  • Sharepoint limited access
  • OneDrive for Business (limited access)
  • Preview integration for 3rd party MFA partners
  • Cloud App Security Integration


Microsoft 365 Business Premium (Platinum plan)

  • Microsoft 365 is an integrated solution that brings together best-in-class productivity tools, security, and device management capabilities for small to medium-sized businesses. It includes:A set of business productivity and collaboration tools:
    • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access
    • Exchange, OneDrive, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint.
    • Business apps from Office (Bookings, MileIQ1).

    Enterprise-grade device management and security capabilities:

    • Helps provide protection from external threats like phishing and sophisticated malware with Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 1 and Microsoft Defender Exploit Guard.
    • Helps control and manage how sensitive information is accessed and transmitted with data loss prevention policies and Azure Information Protection Plan 1.
    • Helps protect, preserve, and back up your data with Exchange Online Archiving.
    • App protection for Office and other mobile apps with Intune App Protection.
    • Device management for Windows 10 PCs, macOS, and mobile devices with Intune device management.
    • Identity protection with multi-factor authentication, self-service password reset, and conditional access.
    • Consistent security configuration across devices—protection of company data across devices; Microsoft Defender Antivirus, which is always on and up to date.

    Simplified device deployment and user setup:

    • Single admin console to set up and manage users and devices
    • Auto-installation of Office apps on Windows 10 PCs.
    • Always up-to-date Office + Windows 10.
    • Streamlined deployment of PCs with Windows AutoPilot.

    Other entitlements:

    • Microsoft 365 Business Premium customers also have access to Windows Virtual Desktop and Office Shared Computer Activation capabilities.

Work/Life Balance Support (All plans)

  • Support channels: phone, email & chat
  • Support hours: weekdays, 8am-5pm US local
  • Severity 1 response & resolution: 2hrs/8hrs
  • Authorized points of contact: One

Workaholic Support (Addon)


• Support channels: phone, email & chat
• Support hours: 24/7/365
• Severity 1 response & resolution: 15min/2hrs
Authorized points of contact: Five

Other Addons

Disaster Recovery


Out of Region Disaster Recovery replication

FireWall Management


FireWall management tool

Azure FileShare


Azure files shard folder solution

Virtual Destkop


Access from anywhere

Your virtual desktop can be accessed from any modern Windows, MacOS, iOS, or Android device using an easily installed application. You can also access your virtual desktop from a modern internet browser (HTML5 capable) such as chrome, firefox or safari.

  • Use your personal devices while keeping your work files and tools securely separated on your virtual desktop
  • Access from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop
  • Access from someone elses device without having to install anything by accessing your virtual desktop through an internet browser


 Better Security

Your virtual desktop connects using ‘reverse connect’ technology which allows you to access your virtual desktop without having to open any security holes in your network or firewall. Security mechanisms like MultiFactor Authentication can verify you are who you say you before giving you access to your work files and tools. Your virtual desktop can be made to prevent files from being shared between your personal device and your virtual desktop to keep it safe from viruses and malware and can be enabled for security measures that prevent it from showing up on screen recordings or screenshots or over screen share software to ensure the protection of your work and information. And on top of it all experience the ultimate real-time security of Defender Advanced Threat Protection – keeping your Windows 10 virtual desktop protected from dangerous threats.

• Secure ‘reverse connect’ technology
• Multifactor Authentication
• Screen mirroring/recording/sharing protection
•  Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection



Microsoft Apps & Services

Harness the power of Microsoft’s business productivity, collaboration, and security tools and services. Platinum users will have access to both desktop and web versions of Microsoft Office, including applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, OneDrive, and Teams. Make the most of 50GB Exchange online mailbox, which together with Outlook email client, provides you the quintessential enterprise email and calendaring experience. Save your files in 1 TB of cloud storage inside OneDrive, which gives you access to your files from nearly anywhere and the ability to retrieve and work with files on demand on your virtual desktop. Through Microsoft Teams you can collaborate with team members over chat, call or video, sharing files and data in one centralized location.

Safari Micro Managed Services

Take comfort in knowing that behind the scenes Safari Micro’s managed services team is managing, maintaining, updating and supporting your virtual desktop, making sure it continues to perform at its best for you. If you do run into an issue, Safari Micro will be there for you ready to assist.

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