Although not all businesses see the value in advanced tools like a virtual workspace, there are instances where cloud desktops/workspaces can help streamline IT operations and boost employee productivity. A business that has its employees running virtual desktops/workspaces will have a number of benefits that will help boost workers’ productivity:

1 – Mobility

Virtual Desktops can travel anywhere, bringing with them all of the employee’s data, apps, and personal settings. There is no better way to connect for companies with remote workers, satellite offices, or people who work from home. BYOD also applies – the employer can simply provide a terminal for employees to connect in the office, and the employee can connect outside the office using whatever device he or she wants.

2 – Access to Everything

A Cloud Workspace gives you access to a Virtual Desktop as well as all of the other office resources you require. The workspace app gives you access to everything, including server applications, SaaS tools, and file/folder systems, through a centralized portal. With a single sign-on, you can access and manage everything. Dual factor security is also available as an additional security measure.

3 – Collaboration

Many users can access, work with, and collaborate on apps such as Office Docs (Word, Excel, etc.) by virtualizing them. Workflows on various versions of documents can be specified by groups of people working together. This built-in feature replaces legacy tools such as SharePoint and Dropbox and introduces even more functionality.

  A workspace focused desktop solution includes the following valuable features:

  • Portable/Mobile Office Environments
  • Single sign-on or two-factor authentication for applications
  • Dedicated Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Cloud Storage and File Sync and Share
  • Management/monitoring from a central location
  • Protection that is centralized
  • Disaster Recovery and Backups
  • Total management of Desktop OS Licenses and OS Protection Patching

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